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World-class barbering, beauty, and cosmetology programs that give training and experience in a fast-growing industry.

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The Best Barber & Beauty School For You



Make your own hours and work anywhere in the world.

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Spend your time around people that value your craft.

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Build unlimited income with a client base that you grow yourself.

Programs We Offer

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Learn to channel your creativity through clippers, shears, and hot tools! Our cosmetology program teaches the basic foundations for hair cutting, coloring, styling, as well as how to market yourself as a future beauty professional.

Cosmetology - Springfield, MO
Cosmetology - Austin, TX

There's Bigger Bucks in Bangs

Cosmetology, Beauty, and Barber school are first pick options. Get to your career 3x quicker than traditional university with a fraction of the debt and 4x the return on investment.

Secure Yourself in an Economy-Proof Career

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Graduate in
Less than a Year

Academy of Hair Design offers classes in a combination of daytime and evening hours, both full-time and part-time. Attend classes full-time to finish a program in less than a year, or ease in part-time and graduate in as little as 18 months.

This is your journey! You control the speed.

For the Dapper and the Daring

Looking for an 8 to 5 in a cozy cubical?

Get lost. This is the place for the ones who aren't afraid to jump in the driver's seat, forge their own path, and dream bigger than the box the rest of the world wants to put them in.

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Why they picked AOHD

We're Calling the Ones...

  • AOHD is for the creative dreamers and the technical do-ers.
  • The ones with contagious smiles and entrepreneurial sparks.
  • The honest and their willingness to provide professional opinions.
  • The daring that are brave enough to break molds.
  • AOHD is for anyone ready to take their next step in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Step Closer to Where You're Meant to Be

Join a program at Academy of Hair Design to hand-design a life worth really living.


We’ve all been in places where we don’t want to be. A job we don’t love. A degree that isn’t paying off the student loans. A career without passion.

Feeling stuck is the worst possible feeling. Can you make a change? Will it pan out? Will it be the right decision or another wrong direction?

That’s why we’re so passionate about the Academy of Hair Design. It flips the script for stuck lives. It offers adventure and freedom for those brave enough to say ‘no’ to the status quo. In the past 25 years, we’ve helped thousands of people (just like you) step into a life of passion and talent.

You’re at a crossroads. Will you stay where you’re at? Or will you step into your new destiny, a future full of potential? I’d love for you to give us a try. We’re cheering you on.


Christie & David Gonzales