Become an Esthetician.

Join the esthetics program to build your career in cosmetics. Learn technical training and gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

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The Best Esthetics School in Springfield


Competitive Curriculum

Learn the latest techniques, technologies and all the skincare innovations in the industry from real-world experiences in your education like fashion shows, competitions, and community activities.


Beauty + Business

This program covers payment structure methods used in salons, studios and spas, organizational skills, along with communication tips to gain and grow your client relationships.


State Exam Preparation

The esthetics program is designed to provide all the instruction, practical knowledge, and confidence needed to pass the licensing exam to become a state-licensed esthetician.


Bring a Little Extra to the Ordinary

Whether you have artistic talent with makeup, or if you want to help people feel better about the look and health of their skin, our comprehensive esthetics program can teach you to be a beauty expert.

Unmatched Education

Learn all the fundamental skills you need to become a reputable skincare professional.

Throw Out the Textbooks

In-class instruction grows your knowledge in skin theory and builds your technical training. By graduation, navigate services and advanced treatments like microneedling and LED lights solo.


A Career on
Your Clock

Build your career around your life and schedule. Explore full-time and part-time program options so you can jump head first into the work that ignites you in as little as 6 months.

Why they picked AOHD

Estheticians Are a Special Breed

Getting up-close and personal with skin requires some serious attention, and no two bodies are alike, making each client their own unique canvas. Your ability to interact and connect with clients will develop lasting relationships and repeat customers.

  • This profession is best suited for the intuitive and the artistically inclined.
  • This career is perfect for the sharp-eyed and diligent-to-detail.
  • This is the profession where the people that love people can really be around people.

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Run in Your Right Direction

Become an esthetician and join the career that will foster your personality, cater to your creativity, and launch your life into really living.