Become a Cosmetologist.

Start your journey in a world-class cosmetology program that provides technical training and hands-on experience to shape you into a top-tier beautician.

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Competitive Curriculum

Grow your talents through professional guest speakers, team and individual competitions, community activities, business training, live fashion shows, and professional coaching sessions.


Practical Business Skills

Learn payment structure used in beauty salons, organizational skills to help prioritize tasks and manage time, along with communication to gain and grow client relationships.


State Exam Preparation

The cosmetologist program is designed to provide, the technical skills, hands-on experience, and the confidence needed to pass the state licensing exam.


Let Your Creativity Loose

Learn to channel your creativity through clippers, shears, and hot tools! Our cosmetology program teaches the basic foundations for hair cutting, coloring, styling, as well as how to market yourself as a future beauty professional.

Unmatched Education

Learn all the fundamental skills you need to navigate the industry as a top-tier Cosmetologist.

A Cut Above Tradition

In-class education provides instruction from real-life situations and progressively trains each student to navigate every cut, clip, and color solo.


A Career On
Your Clock

Explore full-time and part-time program options to build your career around your life and schedule. Attend class full-time to finish in less than a year or take classes part-time to graduate in as little as 18 months!

Why they picked AOHD

Cosmetologists Are a Special Breed

Cosmetology is about more than one focus—it's hair, skin, nails, and more. Good cosmetologists are skilled at personalizing their services to match the client's needs. Your ability to interact with clients will develop lasting relationships and repeat customers.

  • This field is best-fit for the multi-focused and passionate about the beauty of the body.
  • This career is the best fit for the easy-adapters that live on their toes.
  • This is the profession where the people that love people can really be around people.

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Run in Your Right Direction

Become a cosmetologist to join the career that will foster your personality, cater to your creativity, and launch your life into really living.