Become a Master of Multiple.

Join the barber-crossover program to become a master of multiple crafts—barbering and cosmetology.

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The Best Barber-Crossover Program in Austin


Build Your Skills

This program is designed for licensed cosmetologists who want to broaden their skills and master an additional specialty.


Increase Earnings

Holding the talents of both a barber and a cosmetologist opens your doors to more clients, which means more potential earnings.


Exam Preparation

Clock in all the training hours and practical knowledge needed to pass the state barber licensing exam.


Double Down to Level Up

The barber-crossover program allows licensed cosmetologists to cross over into the world of barbering to obtain a dual license. While there's some overlap between careers, they're inherently different practices. With a dual license, you'll be able to open up a whole new client base with each of these licenses.

Unmatched Education

Learn all the fundamental skills you need to navigate the industry as a top-tier barber.

The Buzz on Barbering

Stuck behind a keyboard was never your style. In-class education provides students with theory, hands-on practical training, and technical instruction to master various real-life barbering techniques. Train to navigate every cut, clip, shear, and shave solo!


Train With the

Grow your talents through professional guest speakers, team and individual competitions, community activities, business training, fashion shows, individualized coaching sessions.

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Run in Your Right Direction

Enroll in the barber-crossover program to expand the career that will foster your personality, cater to your creativity, and launch your life into really living.