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Join the manicuring program that provides technical training and hands-on experience that will paint you as a true professional.

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The Best Nail School in Springfield


Tailored Training

Build off your skilled, steady hand and sharp eye for ever-evolving trends with training in all of today's top nail techniques.


Beauty + Business

Learn payment structure used in nail salons, organizational skills to help manage time, along with tips to gain and grow client relationships.


State Exam Preparation

This program is designed to provide all the instruction, knowledge, and confidence needed to pass the state licensing exam.


Polish Your

With a fresh set of nails, you can take on the world—imagine being the one instilling that confidence into each person that sits down in your chair. Learn to execute the full scope of nail services like manicuring, pedicuring, sanitation, sterilization, and the business tactics to grow your career.

Shape Your Skills

Learn all the skills you need to become a respected industry front runner.

Paint Over Paperwork

Hands-on education provides students with all the training and technical instruction to execute the full scope of nail services. Grow your talents through professional guest speakers, team and individual competitions, community activities, business training, fashion shows, and individualized coaching sessions.


Training On
Your Time

Get to your career 3x quicker than traditional university at a quarter of the cost with a program that works around your life and your schedule. Explore full-time and part-time program options so you can jump head first into the work that ignites you.

Why they picked AOHD

Manicurists Are a Special Breed

As a nail designer you'll get to dive into colors, patterns, shapes, and designs on the daily. From natural nude nails to carefully crafted coffins, staying up-to-speed with the trends is part of the gig.

  • This profession is best suited for visual learners and artistically inclined.
  • Working every day in this career will feel like a day at Disney for the fashion-focused.
  • This is the profession where the people that love people can really be around people.

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Run in Your Right Direction

Become a manicurist to join the career that will foster your personality, cater to your creativity, and launch your life into really living.